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Quiz Station - Quiz Station- Quiz Station

Space icon
Dinosaur Quiz Game

What do we call people who study dinosaurs?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Human Icon
The Human Body Quiz Game

How many muscles are in the human body?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Space icon
The Outer Space Quiz Game

Which planet is the brightest object in the sky?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Invention Icon
The Inventors Quiz Game

Who invented the first movie projector?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
Quiz icon
The Earth Quiz Game

What is the fastest ground animal on the earth?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)
United Icon
The United States Quiz Game

How many members are in the United States Senate?

(uses Macromedia Flash 4.0)

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