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Brain Teasers Parents Comments Contact Us About Us Logo offers opportunities for educational development for your children. We provide the best educational games to help children explore their young minds and exercise their imagination. This gives children time away from the classroom without the pressure of grades. We want your children to be enthusiastic about learning and keep them interested in education. At, we are committed to providing new and exciting ways to learn. We are constantly striving to bring you and your children the very best educational games the Internet has to offer. By using the latest software and hardware technology, we provide a safe, fun, and challenging environment where your children can learn and grow.

At, we understand about safety concerns parents have when their children are using the Internet. Using the Internet should be a fun, positive, and safe experience. feels that it is important for you to discuss Internet safety with your children. Below are some tips on Internet safety that you should discuss with your children.

-Make sure your child never gives out his/her full name, address, phone number, or any other identifiable information.

-Set rules with your child regarding the use of the Internet. You might even want to make out a rule sheet and post it by the computer. Make sure your child understands each rule.

-Tell your child that if he/she receives anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable to immediately tell a grownup or a teacher.

-Tell your child to never make arrangements to meet anyone off the Internet without your permission.

-Explain to your child that he/she should treat other people how they would want to be treated. If your child has access to chat rooms for kids, explain that they are interacting with other children NOT computers.

-Make sure your child understands that he/she should always get permission before downloading items, before entering contests, or before subscribing to anything.

-Most of all, remain interactive with your child. Share the experience of the Internet together.

By discussing these tips with your children you are helping to ensure their safety. Tools are also available to monitor what your children have been doing on the Internet. Programs are also available that allows you to determine what areas of the Internet your children has access to.

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